Monday, 29 December 2014

year 2014

End of year soon. I totally cant believe time flies so fast. So how do I feel this year? its alot to do because I have been adjusting my life to my new family. Its not easy and definitely harder than staying in hospital hahaha Well it doesn't mean I wana go back to hospital. 
Biggest lesson I learned this year is to be compassion and willing to give in ( well im sitll learning as its not easy because I always wana voice out the truth ) . I received alot of judgment this year which I think I dun deserve it but then I realise this is my test. Lord put me into this whole situation for a bigger purpose. Obviously it opened many people's eyes and heart. So now I hope I will be a better woman and really show up the best I can to my husband and my son and my future children . 
I complain alot of things I do and I do not understand why as an educated woman I have to do things that I didn't have to. What did i get at the end? NOTHING. Some thought I am having a good life like shao nainai but ur wrong because I do all work by MY OWN and I got NO PAY . So nobody has the right to jduge me because life is definitely tougher than before. 
I used to have lots of respect and honor from everything I do . I was so happy heheh but then I realise that its time for me to appreciate my changes. I am a mother now and what I am doing now brings values to my next generation. Its ok to do more because I am the role model to my next generation. I am planting seeds. Do not complain ( I still do sometimes haha) and be contended with my life. My kids will see it and they will learn eventually. 
I spent so much time with my family this year due to my time in Kuching. Since the age of 19, I didn't spend enough time with both my parents but this year wowo amazing. So much time and I was so happy. My sister, I used to see her almost everyday as well as my uncle aunty. This is the biggest gift I received. 
This year, so many people turned vegetarian even for few meals because of me. Thats a big blessings to me too. Praise the Lord, both me and arthur been baptised and again we are the live testimonials to people of the power of God. 
Friendship wise, I did have some changes in my bestie list. I used to think quality is better than quantity. Sadly, I realise my little quantity seemed to be an illusion to me. I am really thankful that even me and pris is far apart (shes in sg and shes working while I am not), she never judge me and she kept me company almost everyday and shared with me what happened to her so that I wouldn't feel apart from the society. I lost but I gained even more. Thanks Pris for being so empowering and show me what's true friendship. 
Thanks to Eahui too for always being so sweet and lovely. For sure we have generation gap but u still willing to spend time to come over and taste my food hehe. I do hope you will find your Mr. Right soon . 
And ya this year... I got a son without any pain and memories. Rare but its okay as long as we have good bonding now. 

First two weeks in Brunei

Hi everyone.. I got a stool for myself therefore its easier to blog with my laptop. Ive been really busy with housework, cooking and taking care of my son. So much to do and when its time for myself I needa sleep already. This is life of a wife and mother. Cant believe im back to Brunei again . We thought we would settle down in Kuching but change is the only constant and we are here again. 
ok below just a summary of what i had done since I moved back. cleaning and unpacking are most things I do since I was back. Till my shoulders so painful. wuwuwu

Of course Arthur got to have more time with his cousin, evelyn. Too bad babies sleep most of the time so dun get to play everyday together. They hardly communicate still hahah

Met up with Eahui and really glad to see her again.She is such an authentic lady and Arthur likes her alot. Do drop by for meals my darling. Always happy to have you here.

Praise the Lord that we didn't miss any weekly mass and I pray that I will never miss out a mass with my family. Its been truly a blessed year.

Of course,as a doctor fan, I visited Dr Yew twice already hahaha. I just like to have appointment with doctor to see how Arthur doing haha.

Arthur had so much fear when he just moved back and he had so much nightmares. We are still adjusting and giving him as much love as possible and hopefully soon he will not cry and enjoy his night. 

Tony's bestie, Reza and family travelled to Brunei and we had such a great time with them. Can't wait to see you all in KL and really thankful for taking care of Arthur teehee

So what I do most of the time.. heres my timetable. 

5am I will sleep with Arthur because he cried in his dream since he moved back 
7am I will prepare Arthur's breakfast and mine as well and do laundry 

9am I will shower Arthur and put him to sleep after feeding and showering 

12am Time to cook lunch after hanging clothe, cleaning room, changing bedsheet , praying 

2pm Time to put Arthur to sleep after lunch and cleaning up and feeding baby 

5pm Arthur awake and I already read some books, lipating clothes, arranging stuff 

6pm Shower Arthur then have dinner then clean up 

8pm Put Arthur to sleep and I take in my clothe. 

9pm Prayer and sleep.

Mother hood Motherhood 

GoodBye Kuching

We officially moved to Kuching last December and stayed there since end of Feb. A year passed so fast and yea after what happened, we left this beautiful city and back to Brunei. Amazing year well spent with my family. Never expect to have such quality time with my family ; my parents, my sister who I didn't have much time for the past 10 years, my uncle and aunty who love us so much and my sister's in law family and of course my friends. 
I really miss Kuching because my family are there. Missed the time I can ring my grandmom directly using my motorola ( TMNET) for free and talked to my sister anytime and drove to her house for free lunch. Missed the time I spent time with my Aunty Jospehine and Uncle James. So heavy hearted leaving them. I miss BDC that I went every week. I never been so committed to a church and it was the first and many more to come. I miss my rosary group . Miss the ladies' cheerful voices. 
Oh dear, why I move so much. Well, God has a better arrangement for me and I have to accept it. I believe, He thinks I have grown up a lot and its time for the next journey of my life. 
Ddn't manage to blog for the past week due to moving and packing stuff. Back to Brunei, I still busy with housework. Pray that all is well and my spiritual and mental growth is never ending.
Ok I wrote the above paragraphs last week. we moved back to Brunei almost 2 weeks. We settled well and things getting better.
Before we left Kuching, we took family portrait at Jacky's studio which is really amazingly good. As usual, my uncle being so nice to drop me there and helped me to take care Arthur as we were busy with moving stuff.

The day we flew off, Jayden and sis and in law came to visit us. oh dear I really miss u all. I received so much love from u all. Think back of what my sister did to me since I was sick till I left kuching.. I really touched and thank to both my parents to give me this lovely angel.

My aunty and uncle been really  nice to us and I don't know how to repay this love. Do pray for your happiness and health.  Take care aunty uncle. I really miss u both . They always dropped by to help me to take care of Arthur when I needed to go to church and they even enjoyed my cooking ( FYI, my cooking really bad hehe)
Pictures from Jacky's studio. we not suppose to take pictures there hahaha

Thanks to Jennifer's and her beautiful princess to send us flight . Its like a dream.... Wish u all good luck :)

And ya my journey in Kuching ended .... Cant wait to visit u all again

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Family Rosary Group 2014

End of September , by fate or you can say God's arrangement, I met Jennifer at BDC Kuching. I met her a couple of times after the mass but that time she invited me to join her rosary group when I told her how depressed I was. Jennifer is our property agent ( i dun buy property from her haha but she introduced us a really good condominium to stay).
Before October, I felt miserable everyday because I didn't get use the huge arrangement of my life. I had no life circle at all( I can't go out much due to my health problem). I ever wanted to commit suicide. Twice actually. I never felt such depressed. 
When I started to join the group, I saw hope and I started to long for Thursday. Beautiful. I had friends beside my family in Kuching. This group of ladies are awesome and all of them are so beautiful. They been through what I went through therefore they can give good advises. 
Honestly, I love every of their's energy. Its super positive and they are unconditional. Sorry that sometimes I confuse some of your names but I could never forget how much I recover through the small group. 
You gals turned up for my special day even we known each other for less than 3 months. I appreciate so much . It was a blessing that even baby arthur loved the gathering. Praise the Lord. I even had babysitters. Lovely

Goodbye my beautiful women. I hope we will catch up when I come back again next time. Feeling sad to leave this amazing group. May Lord bless your group spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

This prayer goes to the girls

O God, help us always to remember that you have given to us the most important task in the world, 
that task of making a home. 
Help us to remember this when we are tired of making beds and washing clothes, and cooking meals and cleaning floors, and mending clothes and standing in shops. 
Help us to remember it when we are physically tired in body, and when we are weary in mind with the same things which have to be done again and again day in and day out. 
Help us never to be irritable and never to be impatient. keep us always sweet. Help us to remember how much our husband and our children need us and help us not to get annoyed when they take us for granted. and when they never seem to think of the extra work they sometimes cause us. 
Help us to make this home such that the family will always be eager to come back to it, and such that, when the children grow up and go out to their own homes, they will have nothing but happy memories of the home from which they can come. 
Through Jesus, Mary and Joseph. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

A housewife's Good day

Most of my days are good. So hw I consider it as a  good day? Very Easy. Lets start from the day before

7pm Arthur sleeps

Next Day
6am Arthur wakes up

630am Sleep after feeding and changing lampin

730am Feed Arthur breakfast and he finishes all ( a soup bowl )

745am Housework time

9am  Shower and Feed Baby Arthur

930am My free time which is blogging and fbking and praying and reading and on the phone

11am Arthur wakes up . change him we go breakfast drinks

1pm Arthur feeding time then sleep

110pm My free time again

3pm  Baby Arthur wakes up and entertaining time for him ( I am the performer of course)

4pm Baby Arthur wakes up and no more nap till night time long nap. This is the time he has to finish his dinner

5pm Another performance for this little boss

6pm Shower time

630pm feeding time then sleeping time

7pm My world now hahaha  + prayer + phone call with husband

9pm I gona stop all my activities and have a good night sleep

So thats a good day for me. If any part dun go well, please dun near me because I might gone crazy already haha..

Hows ur day ? Sometimes we forget simplicity is the best in our life and we dun even remember whens the last time we sleep and eat well and have a happy day.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Baptism day 24th Nov 2014

Baptism leaves a permanent mark on our soul. Baptism doesn't promise us a smooth life but it promises you strength and courage and determination in facing your life challenges. With the mark, we are able to further grow our spirit with the love from our Almighty Father. 
On 24th Nov 2014, Baby Arthur and I was baptised under Catholic Church. We are truly blessed being. I suppose to be baptised next year then Baby Arthur's turn but with Lord special treatment, we baptised earlier due to the huge test that I had went through few months ago. I was baptised under Methodist Church about 9 years ago. Reason why I converted Ill share with you personally if your interested to know (another long story) haha. But I can tell you, everything been arranged by God. 
It was an almost 2 hours mass . Of course Baby Arthur was unhappy and got frustuated but he didn't cry at all. Amen. He always brings surprises to us ( though I still think he needa work harder on his temper because I have too much expectation hahaha) 
My Aunty Josephine is my godmother. Guess what. She named my "Carol" when I was born and now she is my godmother. And yes I got Carol as my baptism name and so did Baby Arthur as Arthur. Praise the Lord. 
I believe in Almight God because me and Baby Arthur was a real testimonials. Doctors couldn't explain why but God saved our life. When I started to really pray for my life, I found Mr. Right then I prayed for child to expand our family then I pregnant. 
Some might ask then why I had the disaster? Well, you could say I carried Jesus's cross for other or a testimonial to show God's existence.  There is no direct answer but somehow we know it. 

Baby Arthur's grandmother ( father side) and GuGu flew all the way from Brunei to attend our ceremony. Appreciate it. Many ask wheres my parents? Well my mom is having her menopause now and my dad had coughing plus they are not Christian so I " let them go" hahaha. But still appreciate their care and love to our family. 

Father Chua from BDC Kuching was our priest in charge. He is such an amazing being. Again we are blessed to have him to support the mass. Arthur enjoyed himself so much when he was baptised. Beautiful!!Arthur's godfather is my brother in law but due to last min information we had Gerald as his proxy godfather. 

We had our marriage blessing in the church too. We did ours at the Cove with pastor and Praise the Lord we have our second marriage blessing under RC.  We been given second life and now the second marriage blessings. Lord loves us so much that He gave us another opportunity to restart our life. 

Beside both our family members, I have awesome friends from Family Rosary Group. Theres so much to write about them because this special prayer group changed my life!! I will blog about that in details next time. I am sooo happy to be part of their group. 

My OOTD from my beloved sister. Love dresses with long sleeve and cover my knees because my husband likes it hahaha

And tata, introduce you Arthur's proxy godfather's wife, Linda. Shes the leader of our legion of Mary's group. She is such a sweet lady and she loves Arthur so much. When you see her smile towards Arthur, you can tell theres so much love in it. 

Sister Tiong... With out her, all these will never happen. This is a beautiful and God's arranged story with her. My mother met her in Normah hospital when I was super ill ( I totally forgot). She prayed over me and Arthur twice then twice in ICU. Then after that baby Arthur was delivered safely. After that she visited us and showered me with lots of love. She allows me to choose the religious I want and never confuse me. She taught me whats real moral and God's will. Sister Tiong, you also one of the amazing person who changed so much of me for the past few months. You are definitely sender from God . You are the 80% reason I converted to a Catholic. May Lord bless your health and your wisdom so that you can keep sharing God's word.

Ya and lastly this is our group photo at BDC Kuching. I can feel the super spirit here and I gona miss this place so much.